Sunday, November 26, 2006

Passionate About Art

What artist wouldn't want to use every bit of space in their home or yard to display their art? Michael Dion's home backs up to a busy road providing an opportunity for people to see his art every day. It is an ever changing collection of stuff that he has turned into an amusing, weird yet compelling gallery of baby dolls, found objects, doors and color. It is a contrast to the other well manicured lawns in the area. According to Sarah Klein, of the Metro Times, Michael Dion considers himself a junkman artist. "I find my stuff in the trash" says Dion, who goes by M80 in the art world. His babydoll heads are tucked into corners and attached to unrelated objects such as a lamp base or even on a buddah statue. There is always something new to look at each time you pass by. You can find Michael Dion's art in Madison Heights, Michigan on Campbell Road, north of 12 mile road on the east side of the street.